NG Campus Cell

NG Campus – ideal platform for fresh talent, a leading job portal based in India, launches a new section, NG campus, which is dedicated to campus recruitment at various educational institutions across India. In addition, this section is aimed at providing recruitment assistance to various companies that are looking to integrate fresh and raw talent in their work stream. This is a unique feature that is added recently for enhancing the functionality of our portal and also to keep it updated with job market requirements.
 To provide service in this section, we have tied up with various reputed educational institutions that desire to offer campus recruitment to their students after they complete study programs.   This section is very carefully planned as we want to provide maximum advantage to the users without any hassles. Moreover, we check the proper background of the institution to make sure authenticity and value of the program.  

In this section, all the associated educational institutes are listed here and shown by their logo on our homepage.  These institutions can opt to set up a micro website at our portal that would be a kind of brochure for the institution. At this micro website, they can put all the details about their institution like their profile, campus details, information about programs and more which a company would like to check before approaching the institution for campus recruitment.  The logo placed on the main page brings the user to the micro website. The enlisted institutions can put on display the resumes of their students in a group.

Our newly launched section, NG Campus, has already aroused interest among several reputed educational institutions and potential recruiters also.   Potential recruiters can approach us for this service where we are directly associated with the institution for campus recruitments. We can arrange campus recruitment sessions for the interested companies. Moreover, if they desire, we can conduct interview sessions on their behalf. Availing this service, companies can save their valuable resources such as time, money and manpower that go in to hiring new candidates. Now, they can get campus recruitments on a click of the mouse.

In addition, the service also provides tips to the fresh candidate about how to handle group discussions and interviews. NG Campus is a section that brings freshers and recruiters closer and helping in maximum recruitments and hence, increasing the viability and reputation of the concerned educational institution.

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